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Nathalie HOUDIN

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Chambre Blanche

Past exhibition


Presented from July 8 to October 31, 2021


Pen holder

“Porte-plumes” is my hymn to birds, to their grace, their lightness, their intelligence and their fragility. In France, populations of birds living in agricultural areas have lost a third of their numbers over the past twenty years. 420 million birds have disappeared in less than thirty years in Europe. Globally, one in eight species is threatened. Pesticides, climate change, hunting ... the consequences of human activities on the environment are one of the main reasons for their decline.

I wanted to pay tribute to the essential presence of these magnificent winged creatures with clean, creative and graphic photographs. The choice of black and white reinforced this desire to go to the essentials, and to sublimate these birds dear to my heart in their environment or their intimacy.

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Nathalie Houdin

Photography is for me a passion and a commitment to nature. A need to get away from modern life to come back to more essential and real things. A desire to share, through my images, this beauty that we find all around us. In order to bear witness to its strengths and weaknesses, and to draw attention to the urgent need to safeguard our roots and our heritage.

My work is also based on the production of conservation reports focused on the relationship between Man and nature which is so dear to my heart. “It is a sad thing to think that Nature speaks and that mankind does not listen to her. »Victor Hugo. Being one of his spokespersons is one of my greatest motivations.

Chambre Blanche

Past exhibition


Presented from July 8 to October 31, 2021

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Florence Devaux-Dabenoc

I love to explore many areas of photography.

What I like is to try to look at the world around me differently, to compose with the light, the atmospheres, the framing, the movement,

to identify attitudes, pictorial details, to flirt with the abstract sometimes, in a word to CREATE.


I have a particular affection and attraction for black and white. I find that it allows to go to the essential, to give another dimension to the image and often to exacerbate the graphics.


But whatever technique you choose, the essential is elsewhere. The key word is emotion.

And when I manage to convey the one I felt or the one that the viewer will appropriate by looking at the image,

it is very fulfilling!

“I dress in Prague”

How can you not fall under the spell of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and the historic region of Bohemia? André Breton made this city "the magical capital of Europe". It is indeed a city imbued with magic, not only by the legendary presence of alchemists in the 16th century, but above all by the traces of several cultures which have intertwined within its walls. Nestled in the meanders of the Vltava, in turn royal city, imperial city, sleepy provincial town then resurgent capital of a modern state, Prague has accumulated over time the successive layers of an incomparable architectural and artistic heritage. The city, with more than a million inhabitants, is also known as “The City of a Hundred Spires”.

Visiting Prague is like discovering the setting of a fairy tale. The streets seem to have been created for the simple pleasure of the senses. The medieval atmosphere that envelops the city is capable of taking its visitors back in time. One thing is certain, this sublime city is very inspiring!

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Chambre Blanche

Current exhibition


Presented from April 9 to June 14, 2022

Esquisse d'eau


The secret alliance between photography and painting. "

Water, with its mysteriously curved waves and chimerical reflections, magically paints ever-changing shapes of dragons, witches, animals, faces or anything else our fertile minds can detect.

Each image will let your imagination wander into distant paths offering you the infinite possibility of discovering new worlds both known and forgotten.

The photographs in this exhibition were all taken in rivers, mainly in the mountains. The crystalline waters thus allow, throughout the different seasons, to find varied forms and colours, changing with the frank or soft, bright or more pastel light of a summer evening or a winter morning.

Through these images, I wish to share with you an aspect of photographic art that allows a journey into the imagination and leaves the visitor the possibility of expressing his own universe.

Lumière et ombre

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by Nathalie Houdin