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The story of our "ambitious little barn"

This is what we affectionately called our barn throughout its restoration period.

The story is that of an encounter, of consuming passions and changes of lives.

It was in the spring of 2019 that we began to look for a region where we could settle and hatch all our projects.

We were both drawn to the South West and therefore organized a vacation there,

just to explore, feel, refine our future research.

Why not take the opportunity to look at some real estate ads and get an idea of ​​the market ....

and this is where everything "rocks"!

Call - visit - crush - sleepless night - second visit - sleepless night - eagle owl - we buy!

We will tell with pleasure and in great detail the beautiful story of the owl to those who have read these lines ...

We are in April 2019, the compromise is signed. In October, the house is ours.

A few trips back and forth between Moselle and Dordogne for the first tinkering in the living area

until the move in February 2020 .

It's gone for a year of work ,

during which our "ambitious little barn" will be transformed into an art gallery and guest rooms!


A sacred epic , with many unforeseen events and twists, joys, worries, gnashing of teeth,

laughter, a beautiful human adventure and stimulating with some passionate craftsmen , involved and in love with a job well done,

and a beautiful meeting, as life rarely reserves for us, from which one of the most beautiful feelings was born:

friendship, the true one, with our favorite architect who accompanied us throughout the project.

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