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Chambres d'hôtes avec massages
massages en chambres d'hôtes
Reflexologie en chambres d'hôtes

** NEW ***


Looking to treat yourself or others?

Relax, switch off and think of yourself.


We can programme a break where you can let go.


We work with CLARA , masseuse (10 years experience) and naturopath.


One-hour session to be booked in advance.

In your room, on your terrace, by the spa or even in the art gallery,

she'll create an intimate, ephemeral cocoon  

for an hour of relaxation and letting go.


Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating interlude,

a moment out of the ordinary. 

Massage du dos

1 hour

70 €

Californian massage

Intense relaxation oil massage. The harmonious, fluid movements used throughout the session help to release emotions and bodily tension, effectively combating stress.

Verser de l'huile de massage


Our wellness partner



(10 years' experience)

and naturopath

Clara Theppe.png

Light legs and feet massage

This massage promotes venous return, relieving pain and feelings of heaviness. It also includes a foot massage.


Swedish massage

Swedish oil massage is a dynamic massage technique designed to dissolve tension, promote good blood circulation and promote relaxation.

Massage des épaules

Foot reflexology

The foot is a miniature representation of the human body, with each zone corresponding to an organ or part of the human body. These are known as reflex points. By stimulating them, we induce an action on the targeted organ or part of the body to help it function better.

Mani Pedi

Personalised massage

Relaxing, dynamic or soothing, draining or cocooning, you choose the massage you want and target a specific area.

Massage du cou
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