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Ancre Autour de vous

Périgord Noir & Quercy: "legendary" country and spectacular region.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Ready for a fireworks display of sensations, emotions, discoveries,

stories and history, cultural and sporting activities, adventures,

of nature and architecture, explorations, tastings ..?

Nothing is missing from the heritage of this corner of France!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Man has chosen to live there for a very long time ... Is it a coincidence?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

From the most beautiful villages of France, through the caves and rock shelters

inhabited by our ancestors, from marvelous gardens to medieval castles,

from peaceful barge rides to invigorating canoe trips,

from chasms to waterfalls, from hiking trails to small winding roads,

from bastides to museums, from artisans 'and artists' stalls to markets ...

I ly has something for all tastes and desires!

Villages, bastides and castles

The Dordogne valley enjoys a national label of excellence as recognized as a Country of Art and History by the Ministry of Culture. It has preserved the traces of a glorious past through a multitude of castles , witnesses to the power of the lords who waged war there. Perched on their promontory, surrounded by forests, appearing at the bend of the meanders of the river, the castles play the leading roles in the landscape. Those open to the public reserve you tours that are both fun and rewarding. Others, private, will only be admired from afar.

It is one of the regions which groups together the most “ Most Beautiful Villages of France”, and many others which could flirt with this title! All different, they have in common an endearing personality and a crazy charm !

Prehistory, caves and chasms

Ready for a trip back in time ? The Dordogne valley has a thousand-year-old history. Man has walked this land for a long time and has left us superb testimonies, especially in the fabulous caves that you can visit.

In Lascaux of course, world famous, in Font de Gaume more intimate and in the beautiful National Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies .

Do you want small drops that rise or small drops that fall? Stalagmites and stalagtites command respect and admiration! They meet you either in the caves of Lacave , Rouffignac and Maxange, or in the famous chasms of Padirac and Proumeyssac, which you will be able to explore, with your eyes wide open, no doubt.

Gardens and natural sites

Fancy some gardens? Shaped by Man, they can be suspended, panoramic or water gardens! So many open-air cases where it is pleasant to stroll, your nose in the bushes, the flowers, or your eyes on the sometimes sublime views they offer you.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Do you want "real" nature, oxygen, rivers, trails , waterfalls , circuses, cliffs , breathtaking panoramas? The Dordogne valley is full of natural sites which will dazzle you and which are just waiting for you!

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Activities and leisure

To spend a sporting or cultural holiday (or both!), Enjoy moments of relaxation , try new experiences : there is something for everyone in the Dordogne Valley!

This region will allow you to discover remarkable natural spaces : by canoe , barge , on foot , by bike ... the list goes on.

You can swim , and try out many sports activities .

The cultural activities are as varied as they are tempting: you will be attracted by a multitude of shows , or the visit of many museums , unless you prefer to engage in creative activities.

For those who wish to gain height, and discover the Dordogne valley and its castles from another perspective, nothing like a hot air balloon flight. Poetry and wonder guaranteed.

Filet de saumon
Terroir and gastronomy

Prepare for a delicious culinary journey.
The Périgord diamond is undoubtedly the black truffle , but you can vary the pleasures with porcini mushrooms .
Another emblematic product of the region is walnuts from Périgord ! Fresh, dry, in confectionery, or as the main ingredient of a delicious cake: you will be in for a treat!
The locals will advise you to accompany the cabécou du Périgord or the famous little Rocamadour with a glass of Bergerac or Pays de Domme wine.

We will recommend you good addresses for meals placed under the sign of quality and conviviality: nice surprises await you!


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Plus d'informations sur la Dordogne et le Périgord noir ? 
Voici une source intarissable et sans cesse ré-actualisée : 
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