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La galerie d'art
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We are artist photographers,

passionate about art photography and sensitive to contemporary art.

Open our own art gallery

is the realization of a long-time dream,  a somewhat crazy project! 

  "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it!"  - Mark Twain

Our gallery, inaugurated on July 8, 2021,

serves as a backdrop for photographic exhibitions throughout the year.

"Special Edition" focuses exclusively on the exhibition of exceptional photographs. 

We choose our photographers for the originality and quality of their work.

Welcome  to our universe and that of our favorite artists!


Horaires Galerie d'art


Saturday MAY 4, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.

during the first OPENING of the season

Calendar Gallery MAY JUNE.png


•  2 to 6:30 pm   •


or on appointment 

+33 6 20 46 85 40 

Our opening times take into account

of our travels

(exhibitions in photo festivals, 

photo trips to Southern Africa ,

photo workshops , reports, etc ...)


Thank you for your understanding.

PLAN .png


on the D703

22 km • East of Sarlat

7 km • West of Souillac


Once in Peyrillac and Millac

you will climb a nice winding road of 2.5 km to MILLAC,

where the gallery is located.

"Being an artist is much more than loving an art,
it is to love life, it is to live doubly, passionately, intensely."
Madeleine LeBlanc

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Ombelles (3).jpg

Coming soon


Vernissage 4 mai 2024


Physalis (1).jpg
PULSATIONS Version 2 - Florence Devaux-6 copie.jpg

Coming soon

PULSATIONS, les battements de la savane

PULSATIONS Version 2 - Florence Devaux-10 copie.jpg


" Figures en paysage(s)"

Philippe CACHEUX


saison 2024

Galerie d'art Hors-série 4.jpg


Permanent exhibition

SNBA Medal.jpeg

Shop area

Sale of art prints

and photographic books

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