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From August 25 to September 18
then from November 18 to December 18, 2022

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Presented from December 9, 2021 to February 9, 2022

Florence Devaux-Dabenoc

I love to explore many areas of photography.

What I like is to try to look at the world around me differently, to compose with the light, the atmospheres, the framing, the movement,

to identify attitudes, pictorial details, to flirt with the abstract sometimes, in a word to CREATE.


I have a particular affection and attraction for black and white. I find that it allows to go to the essential, to give another dimension to the image and often to exacerbate the graphics.


But whatever technique you choose, the essential is elsewhere. The key word is emotion.

And when I manage to convey the one I felt or the one that the viewer will appropriate by looking at the image,

it is very fulfilling!



Her exhibition TWIGA ('giraffe' in Swahili) is dedicated to this iconic animal of the African continent and yet endangered. 

This giant of the savannah has lost 40% of its numbers in the last thirty years! "Giraffes are facing a silent extinction" (IUCN). 

The main threat is linked to rapid demographic growth and economic development, which are leading to significant deforestation, and without forests giraffes cannot survive. 

Jacques Prévert wrote in his premonitory Opéra des girafes:
"Once upon a time there were giraffes, there were many giraffes.
Soon there won't be any more, it's Mr Man who kills them... "

"It is impossible for me to imagine the African savannah without their haughty silhouettes, Twiga is my heartfelt cry, my cry of love for these majestic and endearing African icons.



Inspiration... that's the key word. It is this "creative enthusiasm" that Africa breathes into me. It's in savannah or in the bush that I feel the best, breathing in the smells and the perfumes so particular, being on the lookout for all the noises, scanning the horizon and the smallest groves, soaking up this incredible light, feeling the wild life that palpitates around me. Africa makes me vibrate. It catalyzes my enthusiasm for photography, and it is from the symbiosis between these two passions that this exhibition is born, the fruit of my "African inspirations".

inspirations africaines- FloDabenoc 18.jpg
Mur en béton

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