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The Elements of Uncertainty

Stanley LEROUX

from   May 19 to June 14, 2022

Stanley LEROUX

Born in 1984. Lives and works in Paris.
Stanley Leroux aims to depict wild territories that have been ignored and threatened by human pressure. Drawing his inspiration from pictorial art, he cultivates a poetic and atmospheric look.
With a resolutely surrealist bent, his images are made as soon as they are taken. This approach has earned him, among other things, a nomination for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and two gold medals from the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, making him the youngest French artist photographer to receive this distinction.
His photographs have been exhibited at Minato Mirai (Japan), Galerie Emilie Biens (Paris), the Carrousel du Louvre and the Salon de la Photo, where he was also invited to the Grandes Rencontres. His work as an author has been highlighted by The Huffington Post, France Inter, and has appeared on the covers of publications for GEO, National Geographic, Reporterre, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Chasseur d'Images, Réponses Photo...

Stanley Leroux is committed to lending his voice to the preservation of the planet. Author of several conferences for the GoodPlanet Foundation, his images have also been used by WWF Australia and the Natural History Museum in London.

 His second book, "Rêveries, les éléments de l'incertitude", was published by Editions Stellar in 2019, under the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO.

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" RÊVERIES" ( dreams)

The elements of uncertainty



Stanley Leroux prefers to represent the feeling he gets from a territory, rather than the landscape itself. As if to make it speak. Taking Latin America as his setting, he presents, through his "Reveries", a collection of six years of images, gleaned from the great desert spaces of the continent.

Titanic glaciers towering over the Andes, the harshness of the Altiplanic winter, sand dunes with a thousand lagoons... The subjects, chosen by the author, bear witness to a powerful, unsubdued nature. Yet there is no room for exuberance in his work. The photographer's eye captures the strength of the territory and the climatic elements, combining finesse, gentleness and sensitivity. Each of his pictures is an oxymoron.

The author composes with forms, nuances and nothingness. The earth becomes matter. Sometimes the void becomes the subject in essence. Without any reference of scale to guide the reading, on purpose: may the gaze get lost in the imagination, succumb to the reverie...

This work focuses on biotopes threatened by global warming and industrialisation, often with media indifference and to the detriment of local people. Over the years, Stanley Leroux has revisited the same territories in order to observe their evolution. This project therefore has a memorial dimension. Some of these photographs are no longer possible today... When the image becomes a memory.

"Reveries", an intimate testimony of a wild and grandiose Latin America, before it became only a dream.

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