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Mur en béton

"Once Upon a Night"


from   July 21 to August 20, 2022



Born in 1973, author photographer, I live at the foot of the Cevennes, in France. Oscillating between the infinitely small (macro photography) and the infinitely large (night landscapes), I find the same emotions, which I try to retranscribe. These hours spent contemplating the stars, dreaming in the moonlight, following a butterfly, breathing in a flower, admiring the light through the trees, are a real vital need. It is an essential step to understand that we are only a tiny part of a larger and more fragile whole where everything is linked.

A book that is both artistic and committed, "Il était une fois la nuit" (Once upon a time there was night), published by La Salamandre, was released in the autumn of 2021, in which I tell the story of the night in the middle of nature, the beauty of the starry sky, the need for darkness in living beings and the impact of light pollution. 

Driven by the desire to raise public awareness of the need to protect nature and the night, which requires a different way of looking at them, each year I organise macro and landscape night photography courses. 


This exhibition is an ode to the night. It is important to be able to observe the starry sky, to better understand our place in the universe. Darkness is a vital need for all living beings, including fauna and flora. This balance is undermined by light pollution. Fortunately, solutions are being put in place so that the starry sky can continue to be admired by future generations. Photos from the book "Once upon a time, there was night". 

These are 10 prints that deal with the different facets of the night: the stars, the darkness, the fauna, the wonder... Each of the photos was taken using completely different techniques, always on the spot, without retouching, by experimenting with long exposures and light, but never in the same way.

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