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Chambre Blanche



Presented from February 11 to March 20, 2022



"Even if I have been interested in photography for a long time, I have only really been practising for about ten years.

My favourite fields are street photography, architecture, macro, with an absolute penchant for a very graphic approach ... but without prohibiting me from forays into other fields! Because what I like most about photography, what excites me, is the richness and diversity of the possibilities.

It is to develop and bring a personal vision to one's subjects, to be attentive, curious, inventive... It is also to discover the work of other photographers, to admire, exchange, in short to share! "

7.La traversée.jpg



Observing humans in their environment, often very small in the gigantic cities they build, is an exercise I like to do because I love both street photography and architecture photography. Cities and the urban environment are a permanent source of inspiration for me and the snapshots of everyday life are often surprising and unusual.

In the shots I propose for this series, the characters are generally photographed from a distance, from the back, blurred: this is an approach I often use in street photography, less frontal, and with which I am more comfortable. 

In what I hope will be a very graphic setting, the characters bring the precious weight of their presence.

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