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Villages, Bastides and Castles

The Dordogne valley enjoys a national label of excellence since it is recognized

Country of art and history by the Ministry of Culture.

It has managed to preserve the traces of a glorious past through a multitude of castles ,

witnesses of the power of the lords who waged war there.

Perched on their promontory, surrounded by forests, appearing at the bend of the meanders of the river,

the castles play the leading roles in the landscape.

Those open to the public reserve you tours that are both fun and rewarding.

Others, private, will only be admired from afar.

It is one of the regions where you will have the chance to visit the most " Most Beautiful Villages of France "

(no less than 13 in a radius of less than 60 km around Hors-Série!)

and many others who might flirt with this title!

All different, they have in common an endearing personality and a crazy charm!
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