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Prehistory, caves and chasms

Ready for a trip back in time ?

The Dordogne valley has a thousand-year-old history.

Man has been treading this land for a long time and has left us superb testimonies.

especially in fabulous caves that you can visit.

Our ancestors meet you in Lascaux of course, world famous,

in Font de Gaume more intimateand at the beautiful National Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies .

Do you want small drops that rise or small drops that fall?

Stalagmites and stalagtites command respect and admiration! They meet you

either in the caves of Lacave , Domme , Rouffignac and Maxange,

either in the famous chasms of Padirac and Proumeyssac,

that you will be able to explore, with wide eyes no doubt.

Caves and chasms are an ideal refuge in case of strong heat, it is 13 degrees there all year round).

Prepare to be amazed and / or get to know your origins better!

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